We gaan vertalen…

Spannend, spannend, spannend! Ons boek ‘Help ik ben een autist. Ik was het al voordat ik het wist’ wordt vertaald. We kunnen jullie al een klein stukje laten lezen:

If you were to run into me somewhere, nothing about me would tell you I have the diagnosis ‘autism’. Let’s be honest: it isn’t necessarily something you see on the outside, and you can’t hear it when I open my mouth and start speaking in my regional dialect. With due pride, I am able to say that I’ve learned to participate in society. I know how to take care of myself, which – quite frankly – has cost me some time and effort. And sometimes… Sometimes you’ll still catch me take one of those famous wrong turns, and I’ll land on my butt pretty hard. However, at this time in my life I know that remaining on the floor isn’t an option. So, what is? I’ll tell you: getting up, considering possible solutions and restructuring everything. My goodness, I definitely have been down that road often in my 35 years of living.

Ik was al na regel 2 de weg kwijt haha…. en wat gaan we doen met de titel….